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Reebou home insurance

reebou is home insurance that covers your home, its contents and your civil liability.

You can save money by adapting it to your needs and save time by managing your insurance online at


Contents cover based on the value declared by you

No excess - Foyer compensates you from the first euro!

Reimbursement for value-as-new reconstruction in the event of building damage

Ecological installation cover

New for old replacement of furniture less than six years old

Reebou exclusivity

Your home deserves more than ordinary insurance!
After an incident, choose the compensation method that best suits your profile.

Do it yourself

An expert on your smartphone


Classic expertise

Pricing advantages

A 20% reduction on your first home insurance premium

Free fire insurance while constructing a new building

Up to a -15% bonus on your premium if you have never filed a claim

Up to a 15% discount if you live in a low energy building


Reebou Insurance Simulator

The reebou simulator calculates the price of your home insurance!

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PACKS to complement your insurance

Legal protection pack

Life accidents pack

Leisure and values pack

Travel pack

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